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Us versus the Internet

You ask, “Why work with you when I can just go to the internet?”
The internet is a great place to get information when starting your travel planning. It can even answer some questions you may have.
However, here is why you use us:
We go beyond just being an information and booking source for you. We take the information you’ve gathered and marry that with our agents’ average of 20+ years of professional travel planning and expertise, destination knowledge, and matchless personal service. What you end up getting by working with us is the professionally crafted travel experience you envisioned, that exceeded your expectations, all within the budget you wanted to keep.


Who has better pricing?
  • Our agency meets or beats online booking sites 100% of the time. We have airline contracts the general public doesn’t have access to as well as the ability to price match practically any offer found online.
What happens if my flight is delayed and I miss my connection?
  • If you book on the internet, you will have to wait in line to speak with an airline representative. With us, you give us a call, which saves you time and frustration and we book you on the next best flight option before it gets booked up with the people in line.
What happens if I’m not sure of my travel plans yet but know I need to book something?
  • If you book online, you’ll have to pay for your ticket and hope your plans don’t change. With us, we can hold your seat(at no cost to you) without you having to pay for the ticket so you can have time to firm up your travel plans.
How do I know I’m getting the best deal for my vacation?
  • If you book online, the initial price may be attractive, but by the time you add on your desired extras and amenities(whether online or once you arrive at the destination), the price totally changes. With us, we not only ensure the price is right, but that you get as many extra, added amenities at no addition cost to you.
What if I have a question, need to cancel or make a change, etc?
  • If you book online, you’ll have to call customer service, figure out which # on your phone to push to get to the correct department and hope you get someone you can understand. This typically can take 30 to 45 minutes depending on their call volume. With us, there are no numbers to push or hold times; you get us, you get answers when you need them.

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